Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Mathematician's Apology by G.H. Hardy

One of the great autobiographies, and one of the greatest presentations of the mind of a mathematician for non-mathematicians in literature, is A Mathematician's Apology by the great English mathematician, G.H. Hardy.

I provide a link to a free online copy of the book above, but try to get the book from a library or borrow it from a friend. For those of us who have an aversion to math, or who have the disdain for reason that many of us in the humanities exhibit, this book will provide a window into the joy and pleasure and creativity of the mathematical life of the mind.

This wonderful book is a must-read for those with an interest in the history of math/science, the intersection of math and culture, or the life of the mind overall. Some people might find it a revelation.

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